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If you want to reverse your tubal ligation, contact us. We can give you more information on pregnancy rates following our affordable tubal reversal procedure.

FAQs – Tubal Ligation Reversal and Pregnancy

What tests do I need before I can have my tubal ligation reversal done?

In general, only a recent semen analysis (within 1 year) from your current partner is needed. If possible, a copy of the operative report and pathology report from your tubal ligation surgery should also be given to your doctor so that the most appropriate tubal reversal approach can be planned. If you have had a fimbriectomy performed, a hysterosalpingogram (x-ray of the tubes) may be helpful.

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How big will the incision be?

The incision is approximately a four to five centimeter (2”) “bikini” incision just inside the pubic hairline. We use suture to close the skin, which is reabsorbed by the body over six to eight weeks.

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How soon can I go back to work after tubal reversal surgery?

This depends on what you do for a living. In general, most patients who have jobs which are sedentary and do not involve heavy lifting, can return to work in five to ten days. If you have a more rigorous job, ask your doctor what is appropriate for your situation.

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When do I need to see my doctor after surgery?

You should arrange a post-op visit approximately two weeks after we reverse tubal ligation, so that the findings and future treatment plan can be reviewed. Certainly, if you have any problems prior to that visit, you should call your doctor.

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Following tubal ligation reversal, how soon can I attempt pregnancy?

You can attempt to become pregnant the next cycle after tubal reversal surgery. Pregnancy rates vary, depending on the method of tubal ligation originally performed and the age of the patient.

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How long does it take to get pregnant?

Most tubal ligation reversal patients achieve pregnancy within six months of surgery. However, pregnancy can occasionally take as long as one year.

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If I get pregnant after you reverse tubal ligation, could it result in tubal pregnancy?

Tubal pregnancy is possible, but unlikely. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy following reverse tubal ligation is three to five percent. If you are at least two days late for your menstrual period after your reversal, you should call our office for a pregnancy test.

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What risks are associated with tubal reversal?

There are three risks associated with surgery to reverse tubal ligation. These include the risk of:

Are the fees affordable for tubal reversal surgery?

The estimated fees for the surgery are listed under the Costs of Tubal Reversal section of our Web site. There are no hidden fees. Any cost in addition to the tubal reversal surgery is listed below the estimated cost of the surgery. Patients have the option to pay the cost out over time through financing. Please contact us to for more information regarding finance option that may be available to you. Many people find the surgery affordable, considering that tubal ligation reversal can literally reverse the effects of female tubal sterilization.

Learn more about the affordable tubal reversal options available at the Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford, Texas.

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