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If you have any questions regarding the costs of reversing tubal ligation, please contact us today.

Costs of Reversing Tubal Ligation

Estimated Tubal Reversal Costs:

Surgical Fees

Surgeon’s Fee $3,000

(including assistant surgeon)

Anesthesia Charge $800

Facility Fees $2,400

Mini laparotomy includes laparoscopy if needed

Total Estimated Fees $6,200*

These total estimated fees exclude:

Laboratory Fees

Semen Analysis $75

Initial Office Visit $315

This visit includes a comprehensive examination and a pelvic ultrasound examination.

(additional services may be required and would increase the cost of the initial visit)

Prescreening Blood/Infectious Disease Screening

If necessary, we will be able to draw the infectious disease screening at the Center. The estimated cost for this screening is $350 - male $450 - female. If the patient has donated blood within the past six months, he/she may be able to obtain their test results upon request rather than having the testing done again.

*The Center for Assisted Reproduction must be prepaid at least 14 days prior to surgery by cashier’s check, money order, Visa, Master Card or Discover. Personal checks are only accepted 30 days prior to surgery.

All fees are based on prepayment only.

Fees are subject to change at any time.

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