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Tubal Reversal vs. IVF – by CARE Doctors in Texas

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

An alternative to tubal reversal is in vitro fertilization. Also available at our center in Texas, IVF involves the daily administration of fertility injections over a two- to four-week period, coupled with numerous visits to monitor the patient’s response.

At the appropriate time, the eggs are harvested from the woman by placing a needle through the vagina and into the ovary. This egg retrieval procedure also drains follicular fluid from the ovaries. On the day of egg retrieval, the husband’s sperm is combined with the patient’s eggs in a culture dish in the laboratory.

The progression of the fertilized eggs, called embryos, is monitored over a period of several days. The embryos are transferred back into the patient’s uterus by placing a small tube through the cervix. Typically one to three embryos are transferred, depending on the patient’s age. Extra embryos, which are not transferred, may be frozen at the couple’s desire for use in the future.

The success rate is quite good for IVF, particularly for young patients and normal sperm. However, when couples are unsuccessful, they must begin the process again, which is costly. IVF also entails an increased risk for multiple gestation (high risk for twin or triplets). Additionally, some couples may not have the time or desire to make multiple visits to the clinic, which is required for IVF. Some of the steps in the IVF process may be uncomfortable or unpleasant for some people. For many patients, tubal reversal is preferable to IVF.

Despite the drawbacks outlined above, IVF remains the best option for patients for whom tubal reversal is not possible. IVF may also be indicated over tubal reversal when other significant fertility factors are present, such as severe sperm abnormalities. Discuss whether IVF or tubal reversal is right for you – contact the doctors at our fertility center in Bedford, Texas today!

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